Why Am I Getting More Wrinkles?

Wrinkles can also be categorized into two main types: dynamic and static. Dynamic wrinkles are visible only when a facial expression is made. Over time, these repetitive motions create what we call static wrinkles, which are visible even without voluntary expression.

What Can Neurotoxins Do?

By preventing your muscles to make the dynamic wrinkle, we can use neurotoxins to prevent the appearance of long-standing static wrinkles! Neurotoxins work by inhibiting the signal that the nerve gives the muscle, informing it to move. They only last until new nerve endings are formed to communicate with the facial muscle.

Neurotoxins are also commonly used to shape the jawline in those desiring a change from their square face, to a slightly heart-shaped face, by treating the masseter muscle. The three neurotoxins used in our office are BotoxXeomin, and Dysport. They each have their own special characteristics. Find out which is best for you!

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