These Dark Spots Appeared On My Forehead And Cheeks During My Pregnancy! How Can I Get Rid Of Them?

This sounds like melasma, which commonly appears during pregnancy or after starting oral contraceptives. There are many possible triggers of melasma, including hormones, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, and even heat! It is important to understand that this is a chronic condition, which has no cure at this time. Treatment of dark spots can be minimized with skin lighteners such as hydroquinone, azaleic acid, kojic acid, mild steroids, and retinols. Chemical peels can also be used. It is critical to protect yourself from UV radiation with a daily sunscreen, but this itself does not protect your skin from visible light. Mineral based makeups and tinted sunscreens may contain iron oxides which help block visible light.

I Have A Dark Spot On My Cheek. I Keep Scrubbing But It Is Only Getting Darker!

Dermatitis can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation(PIH). Long term scrubbing, rubbing, and scratching lead to a condition called lichen simplex chronicus. This is a reactive process where the top layers of skin begin to thicken in response to the repetitive trauma, creating a thicker and darker appearance of the skin. Though some topicals may help to speed up resolution, it is critical to stop the aggravating motion so that the skin will be given a chance to heal.

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